The story in the frame

Many think a framer’s job is one of a simple service of making pretty boxes to put things on the wall. I believe that is a very simplistic concept of what true picture framing is about. Yes, we have the knowledge of design, conservation and technique but there is far more to framing - what we really do is present and preserve our client’s story.

In a new age of Instagram, Facebook and everyone trying to show the world who they are instantaneously, we are in a unique position to tell their story in a way that isn’t fleeting and gone in 24 hours. We create their family heirlooms of the future. Treasured pieces that, in time, will tell the stories of their life.  

Blackbean canvas float frame

Every special and unique frame design contains our energy and a piece of ourselves. Call me crazy but I believe this wholeheartedly. This is true of all specialist artisans. The connections we make with clients and the stories they entrust with us are what makes our industry unique - one that will withstand the test of time. I see evidence of this in my retail clients’ enthusiasm for the antique timber frames we offer. They embrace the story and the energy and often select a 100-year-old Silky Oak frame for their modern pieces.

But what if the frame its self also has a story to tell. A story of ancient forests and cultures.  Of rarity, sustainability, community and ethical management of ancient lands. When the frame has tens of thousands of years of dreamtime stories of its own.  

This is what we are excited to be bringing to our small artisan community.

Many clients ask us why and how our product is different from the other natural timbers on the market and why they are priced what at first seems high. To be frank, it amazes me that I am asked this by people in our industry. We hear it all the time. Why is framing so expensive when they can buy a ready made for a fraction of the cost?

native Australian timber picture frames

We always explain politely that what we do is CUSTOM. Designed and crafted specifically for each unique piece. We use higher quality materials and techniques and the design possibilities for our clients are endless. Once the difference is explained then the matter of price becomes less of an obstacle.

ARTIS PURA Mouldings are just this. The difference between the mass produced and the custom.

Many of our timbers are sourced from the ancient forests of Far North Queensland. The indigenous people of the land have tended to these forests for over 40,000 years. Through care and a spiritual understanding of sustainability of our earth these custodians of the land selectively harvest these rare timbers. They do this in such a way that it promotes new growth under dying canopies and ensures the forest is re-growing. For every tree that is felled and average of 5 trees grow in its place.

This knowledge is sacred and passed down through the generations of Australia’s traditional land owners. Our timbers are sourced from companies that work closely in collaboration with the local land owners providing industry and opportunity while respecting the provenance of the forests.


We are grateful that we have this opportunity to bring to our industry truly sustainable timbers that hold the colours and stories of our lands. A product that is 100% local and supports regional communities.

Our native timbers range highlights the primeval beauty of our ancient country. They are tactile and ignite the senses. Their simple beauty and clean lines make for perfect designs on many varied pieces from works of art to needleworks and sporting memorabilia. Like the saying “if these walls could talk” we believe that these frames too have their own stories to tell, much older stories than the walls!

Be Inspired!